Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Belated but Updated

Hello everyone! I am so sorry for my lack of letters as of late. But here´s a quick summary of what´s been going down. The most important, we had two baptisms on Saturday! One was a man whose wife we reactivated and whom we married. He is such a gone man and was so excited to be baptized and married. The other is a now deacon who stopped us on the street multiple times just to talk and then asked to visit the church with us. He showed up at 8am in the best shirt he had! How cool is that! We are now working to help his mother, aunt, sister, and friend all be baptized! We were able to bring 9 people to stake conference on Sunday. But they had a hard time focusing on 2 hours of talks so we had to try to talk to and entertain them a bit which was a little of a challenge. The zone is doing pretty good. People are baptizing but fault a lot of techniques and scriptural knowledge so I have really been trying to work with them on that. We have had 8 days of divisions in the last 3 weeks which is really draining on me. I will have another today which should be interesting. I am going to enter my last transfer here in a little and look forward to hard work. Come on really, Elder Healy