Monday, October 15, 2012

Hotels and Happiness

Dear My Wonderful Reader, I thank you so much for dedication in following my humble mission here in Campinas, Brasil. Much has changed in this last week that I just cannot wait to tell you about! So let´s dive right on in! A week ago we found out that Elder Bryan would be transferred and that I would be staying here for at least 6 more weeks in Sousas. When I first heard this I was of mixed emotions. I knew that the work this next transfer would be harder as we had already hit the majority of the doors in the area, and I was selfishly afraid this would negatively affect my repetion here among the members. But I had prayed beforehand asking for humility to do go and do what I commanded and so was able to accept the decision with ease. Monday also happened to be my birthday and was able to make funfetti cake with funfetti frosting! Thanks Mom! It was just a whole bunch of fun and diabetes. Elder Bryan and I then played some ping pong at the church with one of the youth from the ward and ate bunch of ice cream. We then went to work. We stopped by one of recent convert´s house and another investigator, but they didn´t answer so we rushed to another recent convert´s house who said that her son wanted to talk us. Turns out that was a lie and that several of our recent converts threw me a surprise birthday party. It was really touching of them. Especially when one of the people I baptized shoved cake in my face. But then another person helped me to return the favor so it was all good. I have to say it was absolutely delicious. They all thought it was funny when I was scraping it off and eating it. I thought it was cake and frosting. I received a big old box of fancy chocolates and a tie from the relief society president. We had another appointment that night so we had to announce that Elder Bryan would be leaving the area. Definite buzz kill. One of our recent converts is a lady of about 55 years and went in to give Elder Bryan a surprise hug. Too bad he is ninja fast and just stiff-armed, back-stepped her. He apologized explaining he couldn´t. I just thought it was funny. We got up early the next day to go to transfers which is pretty much a giant mess at the bus station where missionaries seem to slack off for hours on end. Saying goodbye to Elder Bryan was sad. We had been within sight and sound of each other for more than 4 months! Later that day, I met my new companion, a missionary from the Green Cape in Africa who had only 19 days in the field. He is a really special guy who has a humble will to serve and learn. He also has the strongest legs ever and can outrun a horse. So that made my self esteem nose dive a bit :P I have been practicing with him quite a bit to bring his techniques up to par. On a side note, we got to stay in a freaking hotel! The training took two days with him so I had the best nights sleep and shower in over a year! It was simply amazing. We had a miracle this week when an investigator finally went to church after a month of work. Hopefully she is baptized Sunday! Prophet Joseph Smith: "Happiness is the object and design of our existence, and will also be the end thereof, if we pursue the path that leads to it, and this path is virtue, uprightness, faithfulness, holiness, and keeping all the commandments of God. But we can not keep all the commandments, if we do not know them, nor know them all, or know more than we know, unless we keep or fulfill what we have already received. " Come on really, Elder Healy

Monday, October 8, 2012

Conference and Confetti

Happy Day! As many of you may know today is my 21st birthday and the last I will celebrate on the mission. My last birthday seems so long ago. I remember that it happened during my first week in the mission field. I did not speak the language well, I was tired because the people in the house had woken me up at midnight and I didn´t remember a thing, and I was upset because I believe know one had thought to make make a cake. But my companion had rallied together the ward and they suprised me and turned everything around. I can´t help but look back and where I was a year ago and feel happy to see a difference. I am still not perfect and I still have a long way to go, but I am improving and happy. This last week was a little harder to work because of conference and city elections here in Brazil. People put up signs everywhere and paper litters the streets. Because voting is a bit of a chore people, used that as an excuse note to go to conference, members and nonmembers alike. But we still were able to bring several people there and hopefully they will be baptized in the near future. I watched the conference with Elder Bryan in Portuguese which was a new experience for me. I loved the talks, but during one session I was pretty much falling asleep so I splashed water on my face, doused the fountain, and took off my jacket. I can´t wait to get the Liahona for the Conference. There were some heavier themes discussed to truly establish where the church stands and what we believe. I was very Happy to eat an omelet and pancakes furnished by my loving companion Elder Bryan. He will be leaving the area tomorrow and I will begin training most likely a new Brazilian Elder. I am worried because we have already knocked on 95% of the doors in the area and have began to start over so I hope we can make productive use of our time and I can truly help this Elder have a wonderful initial experience. To celebrate my birthday today, we will make cake, receive more cake, and make some milk shakes as well. There goes my health. Fun fact: We fasted recently and drank a bunch of water to prepare. I lost 9 lbs in 24 hours! I would like to thank my mom, my dad, my step mom, my step dad, my siblings, and Brother Israel my MTC Instructor for all the thoughtful cards and gifts I received. I am wearing the tie and using the pen right now! Come on really, Elder Healy

Monday, October 1, 2012

Hunger Pains

Hello my beloved brothers and sisters, This last week was one of learning and growth for me and my companion. We set a goal to not let any new investigator fall as a result of our own neglect. We went to every appointment, called, and made it clear when we would return. But the people we have been finding did not hold up their end of the bargain so one by one they fell. This left us temporarily discouraged until we taught a couple eager to be baptized and keep the commandments. We marked them for the 14th of October and I am certain they will enter into the waters of baptism on that date. We have one funny recent convert who is very excited about the gospel. He wants to bless the sacrament, to visit other investigators with us, and wants his whole family to be baptized. He always is inviting people to be baptized and Elder Bryan and I can´t help but chuckle a little. When we were at his house this week, we were waiting to say the closing prayer to leave for another appointment and he just calls out,´´Josi, we are all in here, can I help you with something?´´ You know, just politely burning her to pray. And then he looks at us and cocks his heads and grins. It is the best. We have one recent convert who we had a tough time bringing to church this week. She said she wouldn´t go. So we convinced her via telephone. Then when we were at church and said she had to leave because she was dieing of hunger. So I gave her one of my ever so precious CLIF bars and she settled. Then an hour later, she said she had a headache. Good thing I had Excedrin with me. I felt so prepared. Boy Scout Power! She told us after words that she was feeling uncomfortable about her clothing and we helped her realize that the Holy Ghost was trying to show her what is appropriate and what isn´t, but that doesn´t mean you need to stop going to church because of that. Come on really, Elder Healy