Monday, December 31, 2012


Dear Beloved Family and Friends, I write you on this lovely day from a Japanese LAN House drinking a banana and chocolate milk shake. Life couldn´t be much better than that. And to make me even happier, we had another wonderful week. My last email from the area was quite superficial so I will try and get yall the inside scoop. First things first, my companion had only 27 days in the field when I picked him up so I am back to training again. YEAH! It is super fun having three hours of study every day. He is a big, happy Brazilian who never complains about anything so we get along great. He is eager to learn and has a lot to learn. My district here is pretty spread out. One of the areas is like three hours away by bus which totally stinks for meetings and interviews, but I will survive. Everyone in the district is American except my companion :) so we end up speaking alot of English. I am in charge of two wards here which is a whole ton of work. The area is huge. Anyways, when I got here they had one investigator who had been to church twice so I invited her to be baptized that very Sunday. And with some teaching, helping, and some power from on high she was! It was truly a miracle. This last week we had many elects placed in our path who went to church and are preparing for baptism. I am really excited to see what this transfer brings and am praying for large amounts of success. The members help a ton and give lots of references. Two families just brought friends who we will hopefully baptize in a week or two. Only downer, they give us so much food here that Im gonna turn into a whale. Come on really, Elder Healy

Monday, December 17, 2012


Dear People, So I am being transfered after 6 1/2 months. That is a looong time. I have loved all the time I have had here in Sousas and all the people here. They have treated me so well and helped me so much and it will be truly difficult to go. I am going to a near by city called Vinhedo to finish the training of another Elder. That will be exciting! I cannot wait to get to work and get back to baptizing. Next week will be better... sorry! Love, Elder Healy

Monday, December 10, 2012

Good Day

Dear Family, This week was challenging and a great learning experience. I learned why planning is so important, how to do contacts even better, and more about the great love that my Older Brother has for me. Have a great week. Come on really, Elder Healy

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Road

Hello my fellow travelers, I felt inspired by my father to talk about the road that each one of us will follow in life. In this last bend of my life there were ups and downs, highs and lows, triumphs and failures. My companion and I started the week slowly. We had some long lunches, bad lessons, and weak investigators. By Thursday we were feeling pretty down. And then it all turned around. We decided to plan more effectively, we taught more efficiently, and we were blessed because of it. We were able to bring several new people to church and I believe at least one of them will certainly be baptized this week. We also were able to follow up with Tiago and he was baptized on Sunday! Every time we asked him how he was feeling or if he had questions, he just said he was peaceful and ready! What an elect! I am excited to see where that couple goes in the years to come. In the last couple of weeks I have been receiving praise from the members, leaders, and president that I feel completely unworthy of. I just am doing my best and trying to follow all that Preach My Gospel and the Missionary Manual teaches. I feel like I am being congratulated for paying my tithing or something. What makes me so happy to realize now is that I am not doing this for them, or for me, just for the wonderful people of Campinas and the Lord. That is why I serve and that is why I work. As I said before, we all have a road in front of us. We don´t know where it goes or what will happen along it. But to a degree, we either control or are controlled. We can choose left or right, forward or backward, fast or slow. But what we can´t control is the consequences of those choices. So let´s think and plan before we go, but not be afraid to change if needs arise. Let´s choose our destiny and not let it be chosen for us. Every moment is a choose. So let´s take advantage of every moment. Come on really, Elder Healy