Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Hello everyone!

This last week has been a little different from what I am used to. The Provo MTC to Brazil MTC is like night and day. As I mentioned in my quick letter home, I have no companion still and am a district of me and two Japanese sisters. I was appointed DL against the stiff competition. I have been promised not one but two companions on Thursday and my current room only has one empty bed so we will see how that goes!
I started a study journal this week and it has really been a blessing. It’s great to look back on my thoughts on scriptures and to organize them in related groups. I´ve foung some great treasures as i search for scriptures for my investigators. I also just began Search for Happiness which is absolutely wonderful. It clearly explains what we believe and why we believe it. I am only about 40 pgs. in, but the story about Elder Ballard´s grandfather and the vision he had while on his mission was really touching. The book breaks down the gospel simply so that everyone can understand it, but still covers all important points.
The Japanese sisters are really funny. They went to BYU Hawaii last year after studying English in Provo. So they are having to learn their third language (Portuguese) in their second language (English). They still have trouble pronouncing something in English but none in Portuguese because apparently a lot of the sounds are similar to that of Japanese. One of the sisters, Irma Wada was trying to ask if I wanted to go to the post office with them and it sounded like Pasta Fest which brought me ceaseless amusement. Also they can’t tell apart Walk and Work.
I love you all so much and I can’t wait to hear from you. They said not to send packages here because I might be gone, but you guys can risk it if you like. I’ve truly come to rely on the power of prayer this week as I have had to ask for strength from the lord and I hope you know you are all in mine.

Elder Healy

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