Friday, September 2, 2011

Best Companion!!

Here is a letter (and pictures!!!)sent home from Weston's former companion in the Provo MTC...

"Dear Healy Family,

I Told Elder Healy (your son) that I would send you guys some pictures so here they are! Elder Healy is so Great! He has helped me grow so much both spiritually and and everywhere else. He is an amazing example of patience. Everyday he would stop by and take the time to help me with the language. So don't worry abouyt him, he is an exceptional missionary. Well I should probably go. I don't want to seem like a creep. Hope you enjoy the pictures!
Love, Elder Duffy

ROOMATES- Elder Duffy, Elder Healy, Elder Willits, Elder Heilner

COMPANIONS AT THE TEMPLE- Elder Healy and Elder Duffy

DISTRICT AT THE TEMPLE- (Elders) Willits, Duffy, Heliner, Healy, Worthington, Haywood, Kolb, Norton, Mccord, Stibork, Clingman


DISTRICT WITH OUR LANGUAGE TEACHER- Mccord, Brother Teadner Messais, Kolb, Haywood, Stibork, Willits, Clingman, Heilner, Duffy, Healy, Norton, Worthington


LEAVING THE MTC FOR BRAZIL-Elder Healy and Elder Duffy

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