Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Let the Rain Fall Down

Derp Derpity Derp,
It is really strange to be sitting in an internet cafe in a foreign country expressing your feelings while people around you are playing Farmville and looking at YouTube soccer reels. It’s that whole in the world, but not of the world thing going on right now.
Anyways... this week was pretty wet as my title is hinting at. Literally we had to walk up several streets of where our appointment was to find a spot to ford the river. It was pretty ridiculous. One day after I took off my leather shoes I realized that the black socks and black leather had lost some coloring and had dyed my feet black. I scrubbed in the shower that night for quite a while to no avail. They are still a little tinted even today. I also realized that having only one or two pairs of pants that are machine washable means that I only have one or two pairs to wear when it rains. The problem lies in the fact that the rain here is pretty scattered and come quite unexpectedly so I don’t know when to bring an umbrella and the proper pants or not. For example, we were walking down the road and everyone was just sitting calmly outside their houses enjoying a beautiful day. Then terror spread like a flood across their faces preshadowing what was to come. Everyone ran from the street as if from the plague, everyone except us. We just turned to look at each other and the only thought that crossed my mind was ´´What the Heck?´´ And then it began. It was as if the heavens themselves had opened and we were looking forward to emersion without an ark for safety. By the time we had gotten our umbrellas open we were soaked and laughing. And within five minutes it had stopped. Good times.
It is really interesting to see how some people are so prepared to accept the message and others are so resistant. We just met this one man this week who set up an appointment from just a street contact. When we invited him to be baptized he accepted and said he will prepare himself. What an elect! Even when we explained to him the Word of Wisdom he did not seem to be put off even though there were empty beer cans on the counter. :) We taught another person the same day who when invited to be baptized could not understand why he needed to be baptized again even though we explained it to him several times. The contrast was night and day.
Some exciting news is that two missionaries from my district in Provo just arrived to the field. DRUM ROLL PLEASE! Elder Duffy and Elder Hielner! Yeah! AND, they are in my zone! I am so excited for next meeting to find out what I missed and what is going on with them. I can´t wait to swap stories about our experiences so far. They are both going to be leaders, I am sure of it. I’m so excited!
Some of you have been asking me if you are allowed to send me pictures via email. I have not read or heard anything to the contrary so feel free! Also, my siblings are allowed to send me emails and I am going to ask about more extended family. So I am expecting an email Nate! Also, the secretaries called me and said that I had a package sent to the Sao Paulo MTC and it would cost me $76 to retrieve. The problem is I am a missionary so do not have much spending money, and I do not live in Sao Paulo. In the future please try to send it to the Mission Home for the Campinas Brazil Mission and also please see my previous letters to learn how to prevent charges and theft of packages. Thanks!
One person in our house was transferred this week and he was really sad, so we bought him a dessert pizza. I found out that this means just pizza dough, chocolate, cheese, and crème. The problem was that I had just eaten dinner two hours before and after eating the pizza I felt quite ill. But he felt better! What I sacrifice for my fellow Elders, lol.
I hope you guys have a truly marvelous week and try to improve every day. If you ever have any questions that I can answer, just let me know. Until we meet again. d-(O.O)z
Come on really,
Elder Healy

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