Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Que Cool

Bom Dia!
Como voce esta hoje? Voce esta animado! Perfeito! Yes, it is Elder Healy writing all you beautiful people once again to give you a peek into my exciting life as a missionary! Ok, well my life as a missionary. This last week was a little slow and a little discouraging, but we have high hopes for this next one.
So some funny things happened this week. Some background, when we teach the restoration we talk about how the primitive church of Jesus Christ was founded on three pillars: 1 prophet, 12 apostles, and authority. We also talk about a pillar of light in the Joseph Smith story.
We asked an investigator to recount this week what happened to Joseph Smith when he prayed, and she thought that he found one of the pillars in the grass, but what we had really said was that he kneeled in the grass... anyways it was really funny in the moment.
One of my days was a pretty clutsy day. When we asked for a cup of water, I spilled all down my front and Elder Bybee and the investigator were on the verge of laughing. Another time, a bee landed on my face and I did a 360 spin dodge move, but it was in the middle of the street and my companion was doing a contact so I looked like an idiot. We walked by a man who was painting his truck with white paint. Elder Bybee asked if he would paint me, lol. The guy said, ´´No no, he’s too white already.´´ I can´t say he is wrong.
Another funny thing is that little kids always ask us what time it is because they want to hear us butcher the language. We just show them our watches. Take that! Just kidding!
I learned this week that Bible comes from the word library because it is a compilation of multiple books.
I read that for everything we suffer in the service we will be repaid 100 fold. We don’t have fabric softener so I am expecting some pretty soft robes later on. :)
I learned that a leader is internal and that the title is only the recognition of what is already there.
I learned that every situation has something to learn from.
Love you guys.
Come on really,
Elder Healy

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