Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Old Ladies

´Ello yo wonderfo peepo, Elder Healy reporting in from Sousas, one of six areas in all of Brasil with a temple. What, what. Opening this area has been an interesting and exciting experience. It has been a true opportunity to grow and put in practice what I have learned. I have reached a point where I am comfortable in my teaching, make good use of my study, have wonderful relationships with my companionships, and am obedient so I might qualify for the Spirit. I have had to take more control of the lessons because my companion is still about as green as a leaf entering Autumn, but is progressing well. After my last transfer I thought I was saintly, but Elder Bryan has showed me the error of my ways. He truly keeps every rule to the letter of the law and I love him for it. One time I wanted to put money on my bus card, but all of my money was on my credit card and you need to pay in cash. So I asked him if I could have 20 Reais and pay him back at the bank. He would not lend it to me because it says in the rule book you couldn't borrow or lend money. The other companionship with us burst out laughing. Whenever I want to get clothes on the line I have to walk one meter from the door to get them. He always waits in the door watching until I return home safely :P Whenever we stop by the house to use the bathroom, we pray when we leave so that we pray every time we leave the house. He really is a great example for me. We both shave daily without real need, but he always uses cream to shave. And he always forgets to wipe away part of the cream on what appears to be a daily basis. I try to let him know to wash behind the ears... Yesterday during district meeting we had a mini talent show. We had singing, dancing, and one-handed clapping. My Rubik´s Cubs was broken recently so I couldn´t do that. And I thought a hand stand wouldn´t be that exciting. So I wrote numbers between 1 and 31 on five different cards and showed them to the audience. People then chose numbers in their head and said which cards had their number. I was able to say there number in seconds to everyones amazement. I felt super, duper special. After the meeting, my professor, Irmão Israel, from the MTC came to do a division with us. It was so wonderful to see him. We chatted all throughout the work day. I felt at ease and had a wonderful time with him. He has become my Brazilian brother. He helped us through one rough lesson and taught me several new techniques. He said I am looking stronger and more fit much to my delight! He is following the blog and I am so glad he is having success in life. We are trying to finalize three older women to be baptized this Sunday. One is the mother of a member, another was a contact and is catholic through and through, and the third was found in the area book and almost visited the church for a year. We are trying to visit them all daily and help them solve their worries about baptism. I strongly believe that we can do it by this Sunday. I hope to stay at least one more transfer here. I am not ready to go. As I was teaching I learned a very important principle. One of our investigators wants to have a perfect life before baptism. I explained to her that she must be baptized to have a perfect life. In Rev 22:14 it reads ´´Keep the commandments have a right to the tree of life.´´ The fruit of this tree is the love of God which is the best possible feeling we can receive here. I promise that as each and everyone of you seek to be baptized or be true to your baptismal covenants, you too can receive this wonderful gift. ´´Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind´´ Romans 12:2. Come on really, Elder Healy

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