Monday, November 19, 2012

Im pretty much a member now...

Hello, So last night I was informed that I will be staying here for another transfer. And my son, Elder Barros, will be leaving. That was a definite suprise for me. Did not see that one coming. So by the time I leave I will have been here for a good 7 months... NBD. I will be sad not to continue with Elder Barros and I dont really know what will happen to me here. But the Lord and President know what they are doing. Larissa decided to be baptized this week and the service was simple, but special. Her member friend/co-worker came to see which I think really helped her. Her husband, Tiago wanted to see a baptism first and we hope to baptize him Saturday. We found a very rich lawyer recently and taught him a quick plan of salvation. We invited him ti church and he went by himself! Nobody does that! We are tying to help him understand the gorspel after losing his wife and he truly seems interested. The rest is pretty much same old, same old. I will be making cookies (Thanks Dawn and Dad!) so that will be great. We are doing okay here and will keep baptizing. Come on really, Elder Healy

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