Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Oh heh! So the big news for the week is that we finally moved from our bad house to a good one. Weasked around and one member in the ward has a friend who has a moving truck. And guess what, he did it for free! So now we are in a pretty good sized apartment with a new fridge, a new oven, a microwave, and a new washing machine! Booyah! It is so much better! This week we had a lot of meetings and a lot of divisions to animate our zone and help them baptize. It was graitifying this week to help other missionaries learn how they can improve. We will baptize Sunday and I am so excited for conference! I am sure I will have many insights by next week! Love you all! Come on really, Elder Healy P.S. It is now liberated for me to communicate by email with anyone that does not live within mission boundaries. So I really hope to chat and write many people I haven´t talked to in a while! Im usually on Mondays roughly between 8 and 12.

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