Monday, March 25, 2013

California Power!

Hello Folks! I am pretty pumped up and happy today. A bunch of cool things are happening here in the area and a bunch of funny things as well. We had two baptisms this week which was pretty sweet. And we hope to have three more this week. Yeah! The work is great. We are working close to the church and have a big teaching group. My new companion is a Californian from Sacramento. We are besties already. We got free gym membership as well so are getting ripped, very slowly. So we had a bunch of funy contacts this week. One guy literally got off the couch, took off his shirt, and then answered the door and said he was taking a shower. Another one was with a kid and we asked if her parents were at home. The parents shouted quite audibly, no just tell them I am really busy. We were eating at a members house and there was a little kid that was watching a movie about Christmas. We asked what the film was about and he said 创Papai Nohell.创 The correct way to say that would be Papai Noel which would be Santa Claus or Father Christmas. But 创No创 means in the. So it became 创Father in Hell创 and my comp and I just busted up laughing. Well thats all folks! Come on really, Elder Healy

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