Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dress Pants

I am really tired right now because I woke up at 5:30 yesterday and I haven´t really caught up yet! Yesterday was my second Multi-Zone of the mission. A Multi-Zone is where several large groups of missionaries get together to really just teach one another and figure out where we can improve. It was really a great way to reevaluate myself and my work and see where I really need to improve and where I should really be focusing my efforts. President Tanner asked us an open ended question to see how we thought we could baptize more. It was really interesting to hear to the responses and President´s remarks. I still have a long way to go apparently :)

This week was really wonderful. Miracles are truly happening in our area. We will be having the baptism of a mom and a son this week and the husband actually asked if he could come and watch! We are super excited that he is showing more interest because it has been relatively difficult to teach him in the past. Another family we are teaching is truly progressing well. Some of them were able to go to church last week and everyone that went really loved it! It is so good to see the ward extending it´s hand to help our investigators. Most of that family should be baptized next week too! Sunday was really, really rushed. We had to go pick up several investigators in the morning by car and greet everyone in the ward, then we had to make sure each and every investigator had a friend and that all of them new where they were going and what was going on. After the second class we had to run and find another investigator who had not come to church and then we had to run back again so I only had time to say the opening prayer and then leave. And during sacrament meeting we were informed that there was a man who had visited the Church a couple of years ago and had showed up out of the blue. We had to leave to go talk to him so we missed the Bishop´s talk. I still to apologize to him for that :P The man had apparently come to church twice in 1985! I was -6 years old at that time. It should be interesting to see where that goes.

Also, it is so rainy here. The skies will seriously be clear and a couple minutes later, I am being beaten by the wind and drowning under the downpour (*Caution: Exaggeration Behind*) You have no idea how frustrating it is to have no socks left and then go to take some off of the line only to really that they are sopping wet. Then you have got to put back on your sweaty ones from yesterday. Yum! But besides that, this mission is great. I am learning so much and feel as if I am improving in almost every aspect of missionary work.

This week also had a few humorous occurrences. We were once teaching this man and he was standing there with his shirt off which is a pretty common occurrence. When we asked him if we could pray and he said he felt uncomfortable talking to God without a shirt. So we waited for him and he returned with a Play Boy Bunny one. I sure appreciated it... I also had a division this week. The problem was that I did not know we going to so I worked all day in suit pants and Italian shoes. And it rained again. Now the my shoes are a little blue from my wet socks!

I hope you all have a great week, but I gotta go.

Come on really,
Elder Healy

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