Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Is Perfume a Sin?

Happy Week After New Years!

It is Elder Healy reporting in again to say hi and hoping you guys are all going swell! So pretty much the best possible thing ever happened! I had a division with Elder Duffy! I feel like Sponge Bob Square Pants´ song titled ´´The Best Day Ever´´ was written to describe that day. I will just give you the highlights. An old lady held Elder Duffy´s hand in an iron grip and planted a fat smooch on it. We ate dehydrated cheese with guava jam as a dessert. Elder Duffy had a past girlfriend of his write him and say she is getting married on the 28th after dating a guy for two months :P (Pssst...Morgan, you should write Elder Duffy... I want a cool brother-in-law) We got on a wrong bus so talked to the ticket master for an hour about America. We invited several people to be baptized. And we ran to buy pizza in flip flops in the rain to compliment our deep fried peppermint oreos. Pretty sweet I know.

This last week has been really amazing. About two weeks ago we asked a lady at a salon if she new where one of our contacts lived. The contact wasnt there, but she accepted a visit from us. We have now taught her almost every day for a week and she will be baptized with her son the weekend after this one! She said that she knows that what we are saying is true because every time we enter the house, a sense of calm and happiness enters also. When we leave, it does too. It is trult is wonderful to see others recognizing the Spirit, and to have the opportunity to see the Spirit act in others as well. Without every meeting him, our investigator says that her husband has started to change as well. He is becoming more open to religion, prayer, and scriptures, and we have never even talked to him!

The thing I am most looking forward to this week is the marriage of two investigators on Saturday. I have literally been teaching them sense I got here, and they are finally doing it! They came from a world very different from that of the Church and it is amazing to see the diffence it has made in their lives. They are happier and their contenance has seemed to change.

I have been really hard to try and work on two accepts of my personality that have always been on the weaker side, humility and sincerity. I often look at my talents, gifts, and abilities and take credit for them, but as I have learned to help others change, I see where I need to change as well. I often elevate myself above what I can actually do and I often take credit for what was merely given to me. As I come to recognize where I falter, I can turn those faults into strengths. The other thing I have been thinkign about is how it is easy to say somethign, but hard to mean it and do it. One book I used to read always would say ´´Words are wind´´ because without force behind them, they dont have much of an impact. I invite all who are reading this to try and think about if what they do and what they say really line up and if what you say is really what you believe. Love you all and have a great week.

Come on really,
Elder Healy

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