Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fruit Loops

Hey Hey Hey!

I am so glad that you are reading this! I hope you have had a great week, I sure know I did! So the first thing I want to discuss with you all is a type of warm herb drink they have down here. It is called chimarrão. So the container is a large, round wooden cup that you fill up with what smells and looks exactly like rabbit food. You then insert a weird metal straw (bomba) with a large bulb on the end with holes to act as a stainer. You then put in close to boiling hot water and let it sit for a bit. Then you drink it. It tastes likes grass... but all the other missionaries are crazy for it! My companion just bought one of the cups and a member of the word dropped off some high quality decayed herbs and Elder Corbitt and Elder Link went at it. They each drank about 7 cups in one hour! Needless to say, they did not sleep well to night and I think that chimarrão might be caffinated :P Here are some of the commanments of Elder Link with regards to the drink.
1. Thou shalt never utter that the water is too hot
2. Thou shalt never mess with the bomba
3. Thou shalt always pass the chimarrão with the bomba facing the reciever
4. Thou shalt not sweeten the water to be drunken
5. Thou shalt always refill the chimarrão when empty
6. Thou shalt not sweeten the chimarrão unless thou wantest to flirt (*Not missionary approved)
7. Thou shalt drink the chimarrão until it is empty
8. Thou shalt never drink the chimarrão two times in a row if another person wishes to partake
9. Thou shalt pass the chimarrão without the touching of hands
10. Thou shalt not drink the chimarrão past dusk unless thou wantest insomnia.

Besides more sod in our house, we also had a baptism this week! His name is Caio (pernounced mais o menos ´´Kyle´´) He is 14 years old and truly amazing. He did not really want anyone at the baptism because he gets embarassed easily and he also does not like taking pictures. But after he was baptized he actually ran into members of his old church that tried to bible bash with him. He took them to gospel school, but was a little rocked by the experience. We helped him understand that there is always opposition to the truth and helped understand the passages they tried to use as counter evidence. He came out of the experienc even stronger and is as excited as ever. The mom says she knows it is true and we hope she will be baptized this week.

We have another family we have been teaching and all three of the eligible kids and probably the mom will be baptized. We marked for the oldest child to read 2 Nephi 2 and when we asked her about it she gave me a summary better than I could have given. I was so impressed. She says she knows it is true and when we asked her what does knowing that the church is true make her want to do, she said,´´It makes me want to baptized.´´ Heavenly music to our ears! She is so elect and her family already appears appart fo the ward! I am so excited that I could have been a part of her conversion process.

So when we were walkign through the park this week we saw a flippin´ Tucan. I wish I could speak to animals to ask if all of them were called Sam, if that was a common name, or if that one guy was just a weirdo. I really wanted fruit loops to feed him :(

I have been studying much more by topic this transfer. One day I will focus on ´´Authority´´maybe, and the next ´´Apostasy´´, and the next maybe ´´Refernces to the Book of Mormon in the Bible´´ so that I learn as much as I can about a subject to help others understand as well. And each time I study something I run into somehow who has a question about what I studied that very same week. When Caio asked about a scripture someone had showed him, I was able to help him because I had studied that exact scripture for the first time in my life that morning. This literally happens all the time! I just studied about contradictions in the bible and that very same day someone asked about the very scripture I had studied. I cannot but help and feel I am being guided in what I study because everytime I study something I have never before, someone always seems to have a question about it. I am just so glad to have the Holy Ghost with me to direct and help me do wha tI need to. I hope you guys all keep it real and learn something new everyday.

Come on really,
Elder Healy

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