Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fresh Start

I am super hungry guys. We just had transfers so I am in a new area and have not had time to buy food. The problem is that the last time I had a real meal was Monday night and it is now Wednesday afternoon!

Transfers were announced on Monday afternoon and one of the families from the ward wanted to throw a going away family night party. So we went to their house at 7 O´Clock and pretty much ate barbeque and a kind of pudding cake until 9 whcih was wonderful. I felt stuffed. They then asked me to give the message so I shared a scripture in D&C that talks about how our relationships in this life will continue. I love that ward so much and almost cried when I was saying goodbye. The ward was always supportive and always tried to help us. I am so glad for the opportunity I had to work there. On Monday night after the family dropped us off at our house I needed to pack my bags. Elder Link and Elder Corbitt stayed up with me and we just talked while I packed. Once I finished I only had a couple of hours to sleep before I had to catch a bus to the main mission bus terminal to meet up with my new companion. I burned the bread I was cooking so no breakfast. At the bus terminal I just had time to get some of these cheese bread puffs they have here.

After talking for a while with Elder Duffy (who is still waiting a response to his letter Morgan Rebecca Healy...) and Elder Hielner, my two best friends from the MTC, they announced the new companionships, areas, and positions. I was shocked to find out that I was called to be senior with an Elder from Bahia who has one year and nine months on the mission and has already been in the area for 6 weeks. He is really nice, really skinny, and really likes alot of things I do also. We both can do the Rubik´s cube and we have already played two games of chess. He said it is boring when he always wins against his companions so I made it un-boring for him both games :) but with unpacking and going to work I still did not have tiem to buy anything I think we will go get some a├žai today (a healthy berry ice cream) so I dont faint. Just kidding!

The new area I am in I believe will be a little tougher than the last one I worked in because it is a branch instead of a ward and it is quite catholic. But I am excited to hit the ground running and see how I can apply what I have learned for the benefit of the people and members here.

Side note, I have way to much stuff. My stuff together probably weighs as much as I do. That is a lot because apparently I have gotten a little fatter according to one member of my last ward. Wonderful. This area is much more hilly and my companion doesnt like pizza or spending money so I think that will help. it is too early to tell what the future looks like here because I have yet to meet a member, but I expect good thine nonetheless. I hope you guys don´t sweat as much as I do and have a great week!

Come on really,
Elder Healy

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