Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Slaying the Dragon

How goes it fine people of the world?

My kind sister told me that I am now retarded at Engrish (<--) because I keep writing words incorrectly. I will try not to do that so much this time. So this last week has been interesting to say the least. The first day we went out contacting we asked a girl if her parents were home because we wanted to share a message with them about Jesus Christ. The mother came out with a knife. We didn't go back :) As I said before, the people of this area are quite Catholic which means we have to really focus on the baptism of Christ so that they understand why it is important. We have been working really hard and have been trying to talk to everyone. And we have been having some really amazing results. We marked nine baptisms in just the last two days! We are always rushing around and are doing the best we can. We are teaching first lessons like crazy and this has really been the focus of my studies so that I can teach it more effectively! My companion and I are getting along great and see eye to eye on pretty much everything. We are really working as a team and trying to help one another improve. One problem we have been having is marked appointments fall through. Yesterday our whole night was filled with people to visit at specific times and no one ended up being able to hear. I have heard a wide variety of advice, but I have some ideas of my own I want to try out. My companion is a little funny. He has been trying to earn English for quite some time now and his other companions have taught him phrases like ´´Pimp Slap!´´ so I have been trying to help learn ones he can actually use. My favorite so far is ´´You sir, are a party animal´´ in a British accent of course. If you don't have a little fun on the mission you go a little crazy... He once tried to use the bathroom on a dirt road. I dragged him to a bar to use one instead. But he is a great guy and I love him and am learning tons from him. A phrase me and my companions have started using a lot is ´´Slay the Dragon´´ which means if all your plans fall, do missionary stuff until you have to go home like knock doors, talk to hobos, or see if there is anew pizza place near buy :) I am just joking about the first one! Love you guys and wish you the best. Here are some pics. Come on really, Elder Healy

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