Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Dear People,

I am writing to inform you that we are trying our best to best our best this side of the hemisphere. We had a great week this last week with every single one of our numbers in every category, from finding to teaching improved. We almost led the mission in a couple! That isn't to say a week of hard wasn't a week of fun too.

In Brazil, they have a 5 day party called Carnival where pretty much every sinful is done. One day, some kids through soap bubbles on us while we were walking. Thankfully there were alcohol based ;) so they evaporated without too much damage done. Another day, we were stopped a couple of times and asked if we wanted go do worldly things. We ended the contact there and ran off. We are really good at handling situations.

We were walking with some investigators from church and one of them was a 13 year-old in high heels. Our area is really hilly so it ended up being really funny. One time she tripped and was about to face plant when she grabbed a pull and almost did a twirling 360. She walked bare foot after that.

We did a division with the Zone Leaders on Monday I think to see how I work in the area. I saw a cell phone on the street and stopped an old lady walking if it was hers. She said it was. Immediately after, my temporary comp informed me that I had helped a grandmother break a commandment because that definitely wasn't hers. She was on a walk with two little kids. Why would she leave a cell phone under a tree? My bad...

I am really tired. Last night, two other Elders slept at our house. One of them talked to me in English about how he did not like his companion and about how he thinks people don't like him. I felt bad, so I tried to counsel him. His companion wanted to play me in checkers, but I said only if we played with normal rules (their rules are strange here). I won and he got really mad and just complained about how American rules are dumb. He then played with my companion until almost midnight which really upset me. That coupled with soccer today really just thrashed me so today I am rocking the double bags under the eyes. Oh well. I hope you guys have a great week. Sorry this was a bit rushed.

Come on really,
Elder Healy

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