Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Learning to Contact

This Elder Healy reporting in yet again to let you in on how I am living. We had interviews with President Tanner this week which was a wonderful experience as always. But while I was waiting for my turn a man just walked in off the street and sat down on one of the benches in the chapel. We all kind of just did a double take. Then he made up a story about how he needed help to go to Sao Paolo. President gave me 10 reais to give him. My companion told me later that President chose me because I was the strongest Elder there. That tickled my ego a little :) President always talks to me for a really long time usually about developing techniques and leadership. So I am taking his advice and working on it. We are practicing more and working together to improve as a companionship.

Side story. When we were walking this week, we saw what looked like to be two pigeons failing at flight on some wires. They were actually trying to beat each other up by trying to knock one another off with their wings. Pigeons playing Chicken, who would´ve thought...

We were teaching one family who were all 60+ when a kid who was about 13 years old walked in. An old lady said ´´His mother was baptized in your church!´´ The boy replied ´´I know, we have a picture of me there when I was 4. I was alive when she was baptized.´´ ´´No you werent!´´ ´´Yes I was! I have a picture´´ ´´You may have a picture, but you weren´t´´ I think they both have a couple of screws loose personally.

I also temporarily forgot how to say the word ´´avocado´´ in English. It took about 5 minutes to say it right. The transition back is going to be rough I expect. We also saw a dog this week who had a leg that spasmed every time he barked which was kinda cool.

We were teaching a less active family whose daughter is not baptized, and we asked what would stop her what would stop her from being baptized. She said she had already been baptized. Apparently while the family was away from the church she was baptized in the Catholic Church. We explained that babies dont have a necessity to be baptized and she understood and accepted to be baptized this week. We are ecstatic! We found out later from the grandpa that the grandma always puts ideas in the girls head to make her confused, but she always acted so friendly with us. It is amazing saddening how people try to destroy the work.

We left with a member on Sunday who is a return missionary now 10 years. We told him we were going to knock doors and do contacts, but he was willing to do whatever we needed. After seeing how we worked for a little bit, he asked if he could do the next house. He knocked, smiled, and simply said ´´We are missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We have a present and a message for you and for family. Can we coem in?´´ The man literally bowed to let us in. My companion and I looked at each other and were astonished. We have been doing this and it works almsot ever time, it is amazing. I am so glad I have more to learn and more improve on every day. I almost got bitten by a dog this week but ran away yelling ´´This is crazy, this crazy´´ in Portugues and my companion swung his scripture bag at him. Well that is all folks.

Come on really,
Elder Healy

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