Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Watch where you step

Apparently animals don't like me . While I have been in this area I have had some wonderful encounters with them. Dogs have tried to bite me so at times we walk around armed with rocks. Birds have left presents before on our drying, clean clothing. When going to that giant statue I talked about, a bat hit me. We were tracting a week ago and after ringing the doorbell, I turned to talk to my companion and during this conversation the dog that lived there just walked up and started peeing on my leg. Yep, a dog literally peed on me. I got on one pant leg and one shoe so we rushed to the closet market and I wiped it off as best I could with toilet paper and water. Later that day, a dog would not stop sniffing my leg. The most recent development happened yesterday. It was raining like nuts so we ran for cover because the umbrella wasn't standing up in the wind and there was lightning. We found a house under construction and hid underneath the roof. There was this big pile of gravel where I decided to stand. After a couple seconds my left foot starting itching like crazy. So I looked down and there were hundreds of ants all attacking my leg. I had stepped on an ant hill. I started jumping up and down like a lunatic and then started hitting them with my hand. The problem was that they were in my socks and shoes. The occasional one would bite me for the next couple of minutes who I would then have to know off. My foot had quite a few red marks but I am all good now.
So I have dedicated myself more to ever to the work and have been trying as many new techniques as possible. I have a photo of Brooklyn when she is dressed all in lavender and looks especially cute that I now carry with me. We have many Catholics in this area who believe that babies should be baptized so we have them read Acts 2:38 which says more or less ´´Repent and be baptized for the remission of sins.´´ We then introduce and show the photo and they all freak about how cute she is. We then ask if she knows what repentance is. They say no. Just she know how to commit a sin. They say no. Therefore, doe she need to be baptized according to the Bible if we first must repent and have sin. Works like a charm :P Brooklyn really creates that bridge between scripture and real life.
I have come to love times of trial. a famous author once wrote more or less that his favorite times in his life were not the times of joy, but the times of trial for it is during these times that we grow the most and learn the most about ourselves. I hope you take every insult with a smile, every hardship with a bounce in your step, and look at every difficulty as a chance to learn. I hope you all have a great week. I took a picture of me playing with magnets :P

Come on really,
Elder Healy

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