Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Are you from the Screamers?

Good Day, I hope you are well rested because I am not :P Yesterday we had to wake up at 3:30 to go on a 4 hour van ride to a multi-zone. That was rough. I fell asleep laying across about 3 seats and I believe drooing so when the van arrived at the Sisters´ area, I woke up quite embarressed. This last week was the most work I have ever done on the whole mission to date. I think we taught more thasn another companionship I know. We left earlier every day, used less time eating, and worked until the last minute. We have been focusing on only one neighborhood and have literally been to every house there. We are teaching like crazy, but it is so frustrating that no one seems ready to hear our message. But we keep at it. We went to one and house and the man asked, ´´Are you from the screamers?´´ We assured him no so he let us in. Apparently a church on his street has people just scream for no reason because they are supposedly talking in the ´´tongue of angels.´´ If only those people would read the Book of Mormon to understand that it means to speak the words prompted by the Spirit. A dog almost attacked me again :P I think all this running away is getting me in shape. A common form that people try and reject us is to say that ´´There is ony one God´´ as if this somehow justifies attending a false church. We always retort, ´´Therefore, there should be how many churches?´´ and they hesitantly answer one giving us the spring board to launch into our message. According to the Prophet Joseph Smith, the first principle of the gospel is to understand the correct character of God which a large part of Christendom does not understand. They claim to worship the same deity, but believe in a form of worship completely different. Praying to a saint or a cross and expecting an answer to a prayer is like, in my opinion, going to McDonald´s and expecting to lose weight. It is possible, but unlikely. We must understand a being to correctly communicate with it. I invite all who is reading this to study and pray for help to recieve a confirmation that first God exists and second that he loves you. Then seek to understand the grand plan he has for you and where you fit in it. Have a wonderful week. Come on really, Elder Healy

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