Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Hello Family and Friends!

As many of you know we had general conference this last weekend and it
was amazing! Our president let us watch all five sessions and I felt
spiritually overloaded afterward. Many of the talks that were offered
I have tried to adapt to missionary work to help the people here.

We spent about 5 hours cleaning the house today so I am a bit rushed.
I will try to hit the highlights. A dog almost ate me, but he wqas on
a chain so I ran away in the nick of time. Someone told me that all
Americans are crazy. I met an American English teacher who does not
teach Portugues. Cinnamon is a good source of fiber. I have been
drinking a lot of advocado shakes because they are a good source of

We had one really Spiritual sexperience this week. We fasted to feel
the spirit more in conference and to have investigators visit church.
A miracle happened. We left in between sessions to contact a reference
we received from a member, but we received a wrong number so we asked
the neighbors if they new anyone that lived near by with the
reference´s name. He lived about a block a way. When we arrived at his
house, he answered the door. He said he had only arrived two minutes
before! We did not have time to teach so we invited him to go with to
us to the conference and he brought us back in his car! If we had the
correct number we would not have run into him! We hope to baptize him
in the up coming weeks. I am so thankful for this blessing we

Sorry this was so weak, I will do better next week.

Come on really,
Elder Healy

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