Wednesday, April 25, 2012

End of the World

Good Day My Faithful Family, Friends, and Fans, It feels like it has been forever since I have written a good letter to you. Well plenty fo things have happened between decent updates that i will let you in on. First and foremost, we just had transfers and I went from one end of the mission to the other. I was in the south of Mina Gerais with Elder Pires and then I left for Botucatu. One is 4 hours from the missions center to the east and the other 4 hours to the west. i was in the missions office from Sunday to Tuesday without changing, socks, shoes, ties, pants, or shirts. Still haven't had an opportunity to change. Ewww... I spent about 4 hours in the bus station and had a chance to play a giant game of chess. I beat every missionary contender and a guy who always plays there. I lost to someone who plays fast. I guess my brain only functions at slow speeds. I also had a chance to talk to the Duffster for like an hour. He is desperately waiting for a letter from an 18 year-old sister of mine (Morgan Healy). My last week with my companion was a rush. We had to go the temple on Wednesday so we left on Tuesday. We always had two days of divisions so we only worked in our area as an companionship for less than days. Needless too say our numbers our now low. Hope president doesn't chew me out... I love you guys! Thanks you parents and Grandma Jan for the packages and everyone for the letters! They make my week, but maybe send less sweet... I know an Elder who has already gained 45 lbs in just over a year. BYE! Come on really, Elder Healy

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