Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Hey everybody, I have heard several complaints about my inconsistency of updates this transfer and I hope you guys do not think of me as to lame because of this. I will try to do better. The reason I did not write a complete letter last week was because I was marking my call home, sorry :( And now a quick update on the work. We were eating a snack in a bakery when a man sat down at our table and began talking to us. He wanted to know what we do and also wanted to learn English. So we marked a visit with him and he accepted the baptism invite. He has read what we left for him in Book of Mormon and we will meet with him tommorow to remark his baptismal date. We found another man yesterday who works for the military and is an inactive Catholic. When we invited him to be baptized he was almost shaking. I have great faith he will be baptized next week with a little help ffrom us and Heavenly Father. We found yet another man on Monday who was worried about his wife who is several months pregnanat. So we tried to focus on how the family can be eternal and how the gospel can bless him. He also accepted the baptismal invite without hesistaion, and we will pass by there to try and teach his wife as well. We have a family of more anctient investigators who only faulted marriage. I decided to go to the marriage office and find out the policies in the city. It was so easy I couldnt believe they had not been married before. There marriage will be on the 28th and their baptism on the 2nd. One lady literally stopped my companion on a bus and asked us to pass by her house so that she could be baptized. Another anctient investigator for some reason had our phone number and sent us the occasional text. When he called, we invited him to prepare to be baptized. He accepted. We also had a less active mother of a recent convert try to destroy our faith by using an internet video that talks bad about the Church and the Book of Mormon. It was a stressful, but fortifying experience. I think I bore my testimony of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith ten times during the lesson. I tried to help her through the scriptures and through logic, but nothing went through. One person there went so far as to accuse the member I was with of breaking commandments and being unworthy of the priesthood. At some point all we have to rely on is our faith and I know that the Book of Mormon is true and Joseph Smith was a Prophet. I love you all <3 Come on really, Elder Healy

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