Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Dear Family and Friends, I am super excited to be writing you a letter this week. We have been working really hard but feel as if we are spinning are wheels a little. We mark lots of appointments but they all fall through. But we will keep at it. We will have a baptism this week. A woman has been visiting the church regularly for more than 2 years and the first day we see her, she asked the bishop to be baptized the this Saturday. She is dating the Quorum President and is practically a member. We also received a reference from a member. This family is great. The Father accepted baptism without hesitation and we will be trying to baptize them this next Sunday if all goes well. There are many people less active here, but we are doing our best to bring them back. We hope that the members will see our effort and be more encouraged to help us. My companion, Elder Bryan, is great. He has such an earnest desire to improve and I hope I can help him and pass what I know to him. He was really worried about receiving money from members to buy lunch because he thought it was against the rules. I couldn´t help but laugh a little. I remember when I arrived on the mission and always complained about how everyone broke the rules and how many rules were dumb. I have humbled myself and just try to do my best and help those around me. It is funny that every less active we visit, it seems that they want to give us food. I have been studying recently about how to have the Spirit with us and pass this to investigators. This is one of the greatest gifts we can receive from God and without the Spirit ´´ye shall not teach´´. We must all strive to have the Spirit with us constantly. We do this through the ´´prayer of faith´´, through keeping the commandments, through remembering Jesus Christ and the atonement, through developing Christ like attributes, through fating and scripture study, among other things. I hope you can all study about the gift of the Holy Ghost and seek to apply it in your lives. I love you all so much and am so thankful for every package and letter you have sent me. Come on really, Elder Healy

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