Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Like a Phoenix

Good Day, I am sorry that I did not write last week. I have been spotty about this. I was really, really rushed. So this last week I had the most powerful lesson of my mission. We had marked the baptism of a father and a son for this last Sunday, but when we called them that morning to go to church, the father said his wife was sick with fever and it wouldn´t work out. We were crushed. We were sad during church because we heard that we would both be transferred and we decided to stop by his house to give it one last try. When we arrived there, I felt guided by the Spirit. We read in Mosiah 18 and asked him if he was willing to be an example of Christ in all places and he said he was. The story then poses the question ´´So what do you have against being baptized?´´ He talked about his fear he would fall away, his fear to not keep the commandments, his desire to have his family follow him. We solved every problem one by one through testimony, stories, and prayer. We showed he was ready through the baptismal questions and his own testimony. We then invited him to be baptized the very next day. I had the privilege of baptizing him and helping him enter the path of righteousness. What a marvelous way to end a transfer. I was then sent to serve here in Sousas, a suburb of Campinas. The area has been closed for almost a year, but we received a warm welcome upon arrival and am excited to get to work. I thing the going will be tough, so I might as well get going. Like a phoenix, I am having an opportunity to start anew. I feel so blessed to be ending the train of my new companion, Elder Bryan and help this ward. I truly am feeling so fly like a phoenix, like a phoenix. I will keep you guys updated on how the work goes and hope you all watch the Temple dedication in Manaus! I love you and pray for you. Come on really, Elder Healy Let´s see. We have got a photo from tranfers, me cooking up some S´Mores (thanks so much by the way, they were the best), me at the temple, me taking a photo of a Mason sign, me cleaning a pot, me drinkign sugar cane juice with a hint of pineapple (hmmm), and me helping marry some investigators. The man with glasses and the child were baptized! Choi

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