Wednesday, August 15, 2012


GOOD DAY! Elder Healy once more writes you from the Zion of Brasil, the area around the temple in Campinas. I have alot to write and not much time to do it, so come on now and let´s get right down to it. In the last week or so we have several different people talk to us about why they are frustrated that they cannot enter into the temple. They cite various reasons such as the Lord´s house should be for everyone, we shouldn´t hide things, churches are for the sick, not the healed, you think you are better than everyone else, etc. So I decided to do an extensive study of the temple in the Bible and through conversation with Elder Bryan. We reached the conclusion that these people don´t really know what they are talking about. In the Old Testament it talks about the Tabernacle being built (Exo 36:5-7) and then how people where unable to enter when the spirit of the Lord entered (Exo 40:33-35) people could not anymore. The Lord went so far as to kill a man unworthy (1 Chr 13:9-10) and an elaborate sanctification process was necessary (1 Chr 15:12-14). The Lord purified the temple on two occasions (John 2:14-17, Matt 21:12-13) because it is the house of God (2 Sam 7:5-6). The temple is not an ordinary building, but the place where the Lord may dwell. The impure afast the Spirit of God and negatively influence the Spirit for all. We do not go to the simply to worship, but to learn (Isa 2:1-3). If you do not understand the basic principles of the gospel, you cannot hope to understand the complex. You teach calculus AFTER arithmetic. We go there to make covenants or promises with God. If we are not worthy or ready for these promises and we break them, we only bring condemnation on our own heads. I hoped that helped to clarify why only those who are baptized, worthy, and prepared should enter the temple. Rant Complete. We had a meeting with our Ward Mission Leader this week. We was an assistant on his mission and taught us a ton of techniques. Because of him, we are now planning and interacting with others better. The ward has really started helping us with the work. We have people leaving with us almost every night, more references, and houses to do family nights. They even went with us to set a marriage date for investigators today. We are trying to baptize a man this Sunday who will marry with a member on Saturday. He just needs to stop smoking. We have a lady we met Sunday night who has been church hopping most her life and loved our lesson and the members. We hope to help her be baptized here in two weeks. Another man´s brother is a member and is sincerely preparing to be baptized on the 26th. We just need to teach him more! The final is a family who I talked about last week. We will teach the mother and son tomorrow. The son has already received an answer about the Book of Mormon, we just are having trouble finding him at home because he lives a bagillion miles away. That´s all folks. Come on really, Elder Healy

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