Monday, September 17, 2012

Down to the Wire

Dear Wonderful Person, I have had the privilege of seeing another week of miracles here in Sousas. We had our weekly English class on Tuesday and several of our investigators went. One, whose name is Fernando, is nine. When we asked what they wanted to learn about for the next class, he said prepositions. Nobody else knew what those were :P He is the smartest child I know. He does Judo, Math competitions, is learning English, and studies botany in his spare time. What the heck? Also this week we had lunch inside of the temple. Thing was that another mission was visiting. So it was me and Elder Bryan among about 60 other Elders we didn´t know. I couldn´t help but feel a little competitive. They talked a lot about video games which made me feel more dedicated to the work. I felt so proud of myself because I did not get involved. One of them had painted fingernails... yeah. We had a super powerful lesson to help a man keep the Word of Wisdom to be baptized. He was able to stop drinking coffee and smoking for over a day when his headache got so bad he fell. We will keep working with him. On Thursday we were teaching one of our investigators named Monica. We had done the contact with her months before hand but had never found a good time to teach her. She always reads what we mark for her and always puts in practice what we teach. She was worried about not being able to follow always and having a good place for her children. She was unsure if she was ready for the associated responsibility. We had a powerful lesson talking about how she would be able to be an example for her children and how the church would not be a burden but a source of support. She called us later that night asking to be baptized as quickly as possible. We were blessed with the opportunity of baptizing her, with two others, Carlos and Terezina on Sunday. They all were nervous and worried, but the members helped calm their nerves. After church, we prayed and asked for help to find new people to teach to close our numbers and we were blessed more than I can count. Come on really, Elder Healy

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