Monday, September 24, 2012

It all Worked Out in the End

Dear You, We had a wonderful week hear in Sousas. We were able to bring investigators to stake conference, were able to find several more elects, and were able to see three more people be baptized. So that was all good. Two of the people that were baptized are a couple. They were probably our first reference from when we arrived, but they really had little interest when we first attempted to contact them. But they were able to see the changes in one of their friends who was baptized, among other spiritual events, and this helped to spark the desire to learn more. They started keeping every single commandment immediately and marked their married when invited to. Both their parents came up afterwards to thank us. The other person who was baptized is a youth who is the smartest I know for his age. He read the Book of Mormon we left for his Mom without being asked, read every pamphlet we left in 5 minutes and then could tell us everything about it. When he first saw someone be baptized, he really wanted to as well. So we prepared him and he was. We are truly being so blessed in this area I find it hard to describe. We are trying our best to do our part and pretty much collapse when we get into our chairs to plan, but it is wonderful! I am learning so much each day about the gospel and love sharing it with others. I apologize for the length of this email but will do better next time! I love you all and hope the best for you. I studied about the importance of charity and love this week in the work and wanted to share a scripture with you. ´´And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves; for charity preventeth a multitude of sins´´ 1 Pet 4:8. When we truly love God and our neighbor we will have no desire to sin and our love will help other to not as well. With love, Elder Weston Healy

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