Monday, September 10, 2012

Save He Shall Prepare A Way...

Dear Reader, I am happy to inform you that we had yet another wonderful week! Yesterday was a special day for me because we were able to see our recent converts be confirmed. When the time came during sacrament meeting to have them be called to the front, Bishop just called us up there to do it without telling us before hand. The first confirmation was done by one of the counselors, and then Bishop asked me to do it. I had not studied the confirmation for a while, but I was able to do the blessing almost perfectly. I truly felt led by the Spirit. When the next person was about to be confirmed, Bishop asked Elder Bryan to do it, but he didn´t know how so I ended up doing it a again. It was wonderful to be a part of seeing a family enter the church. The son of he lady who was confirmed went to church for the first time this week and really hit it off well with some of the young men and wants to be baptized next week! YEAH! Also, several of the family of Marcos are preparing to be baptized this week as well! One said she is anxious to be baptized! Our goal as a mission is to have 10 investigators at sacrament meeting. When it started we only had 5, but then 3 old investigators walked it without us even inviting them and a family who arrived late so we made it! We are truly being blessed. This last week we have been running from one commitment to another, but tried to make time to do contacts along the way. And the Lord has really placed elects in our path. We did a contact our first transfer here with a single mother with two children. We passed by several other times and it never really seemed to work out. We then began working in that neighborhood again and decided to pass by one more time. We were able to teach her the first lesson and she was at first resistant to the idea of baptism because she had decided to be baptized on her own at the age of 10 in the Catholic church. So we explained more about baptism by immersion using Christ´s baptism and Col 2:12 and then marked for her 2 Nephi 31 at a later date. When we began to explain about the great apostasy she became very interested. Our next visit she started telling us how she had shared our message with a friend because it made so much sense. She turned from thinking that being baptized was unnecessary to feeling unworthy for it! She feels the Book of Mormon is true and her only doubt was being about to go to church on Sunday because her ex-husband´s day was Sunday and she had to wait for him. So we shared with her 1 Nephi 3:7 which states that the Lord never gives commandments without first preparing a way so that the might be fulfilled. We challenged her to pray to God with earnestly to go. Her ex-husband came by early on Sunday and dropped off the kids early enough so that they could go to sacrament leaving. The Lord really does touch and change lives if we let him. Come on really, Elder Healy

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