Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Taking Care of Business

Boa Tarde,

This week seemed to fly by as I put my head down and simply went to work. I have started making my weekly personal goals more and more challenging to make me have to work harder and harder to accomplish them. At the beginning of September I set the goal to finish the triple by the time that Ieave the MTC. I´ve planned out exactly where I need to be at the end of each day to accomplish this. It is about 30 pages per day. That doesnt sound that bad, but I am also highlighting taking notes, cross refencing and making a study journal which all take a lot of time. That combined with studying grammar, vocab, PMG, and for my three investigators really fills up my day. I am also trying to write significant passages in my journal every day and am trying to start a dream journal (weird I know, but I have been having some really strange dreams recently and I don't want to forget the entertaining ones :] ) I now am trying to be more efficient in how I dress, shower, pack, and even excercise so that I can get the most out of each day. I do not want the picture that I am slowly killing myself under the load, because I do still mix in a little fun and some jokes.

So here are three really bad food jokes I thought of today... What did the peanut tell to the pepper shaker? Tell your friend to stop a-salting me! Why did the tomatoe turn red? It saw the salad dressing! What do you call a french fry that detests Edgar Allen? A Poe-Hate-o. That last one's a stretch. Hope you enjoyed them.

Although I have made it a goal to work harder and learn more, my district and I still have a good time. Last night for example, we had our second lesson with an ´´investigator´´. My companion Elder Nielson was offering the prayer to begin the lesson when the investigator (our teacher) said ``Praise Jesus´´ in Potuguese. The prayer stopped and we were all sitting there for about 10 seconds in silence. I feel bad about this now, but I could not take it anymore so I peeked to see why my companion had stopped. His jaw had dropped and he was looking at our teacher with the funniest ``are you being serious right now`` expression I have ever seen in my entire life. I immediately been hyper ventilating as some of you know I do when I am trying not to laugh. My whole body was trying to hold it in. I began kind of salvivating and crying and then it just burst out of me. My teacher and other companion also started cracking p to and then the Japonese sisters started laughing because we were laughing. It took about 3 min before we had calme down enought to begin again. What you have to understand about Elder Nielson is that he did´nt know what the teacher said so he was checking if he did anything wrong.

My grandparents pointed out to me that I have not discussed the weather yet. It is very weird. It is winter/spring here right now so two days ago there was heavy fog and it was really cold and then today it was probably about 90. and its always humid. My shirts usually come out of the drier kind of wrinkly and I just hang them up on the window seal and they look ironed by the time I need them.

I read from 1 Nephi to Alma this last week and the section that stuck most with me was King Benjamin´s speech. It talks about how those who lead really serve. I Used chapter two and three on Sunday to give a 30 min lesson on how it applies to missionary work. I invite all you guys to read about the first 7 chapters of Alma this week. I love you so much and pray for you every day. The first commanment is love God, the second is love your neighbor as yourself. The great commandment is to love. Love each other, love yourself, love god.

Sincerely, Elder Healy

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