Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Week two

Hello People Who Still Read This!

Just kidding! I love you guys so much and miss all of you. I hope you know that you are in my prayers and I pray for your welfare everyday. I reread my last letter and I would like to formally apologize to everyone. I sounded like a spoiled American (which is probably true) and I did not give my experience here justice. My first week was very rough due to many factors, but the main reason came from my inability to be humble and appreciate what I have been given. I´m sleeping much better now, I love the food (still shy of the desserts :] ) I am best friends with one of my teachers, and I have two wonderful companions. I have found that trying to change the behaviors of my ´´investigators`` I have actually begun to change my own. As I have truly studied as I have never before, I find myself applying what I learn to my own life and love the difference it has made. I am not saying that I am a changed man, I am merely in the process of trying to change.

This week has been full of new experiences. We had the opportunity to teach a family of five who were all members pretending to be investigators. They offered us invisble coffee and so we had to discuss why we didn´t want any and about the word of wisdom. I forgot what ´wisdom´ is in portuguese and the little girl filled it in for me (sabedoria). It was really funny because the parents had to silence her and pretended that they didn't know what she was talking about and had never heard about it before.

I got to try Acai berry juice for the first time this week and it is delicious. I cant wait to try the ice cream today. We went to the temple this morning and I was filled with a desire to see and serve, whatever that means. I really want to get out in the field, but I also know that I am not ready.

My companions names are Elder Knudson and Elder Nielson. Elder Knudson wants to be an engineer, loves sports, and is one of a small group that has someone waiting for him back at home. Elder Nielson loves to draw and is teaching me as well. He once won a dorm wide Super Smash Bros competition. They both were in Provo for four weeks before coming here. They seem to be doing what I was doign my first week and searching for all the possible faults here. I have learned that comparison does nothing except show inadequacies and doesn't ever bring true joy. The only person I now try to compare myself to is the savior and each time I do I find myself lacking no matter how I progress. But I will keep progressing and keep reachign for the unreachable. C S Lewis once said (prepare for me to butcher this quote) ´´The proud dont find pleasure in having something. They only find pleasure in having more than someone else.´´ Feel free to edit! I now know why Bishop Keller was so worried about my lack of humility. I could not understand why he thought I was so proud. I did not feel as if I boasted or bragged or walked with a swagger, although I very well may have doen those things. The problem was in the fact that I honestly would look at my talents and gifts and would think that they were so much greater than those around me. And because of this I gave off an air of unearned superiority. But as I see my fellow missionaries struggle and excel and read about Jesus Christ, I realize how wrong I was.

Please look in to MissionTies. I can scan letters home instead of the month long back and forth. Could you maybe email Elder Duffy for my districts addresses again because I think I lost the sheet they gave me. I am out of time and I can´t wait for your responses. I am goign to try to send out more personal letters, but I really am rushed for time all the time.

Elder Healy

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